Recently we have added a feature that allows users to define the database username and password in file by using environment variable. Here is an example to define the two variables:

db-user = ${DB_USER:default_user_val}
db-pass = ${DB_PASS}

As the example shown above, the value of db-user will be read from the variable name DB_USER. If the the DB_USER environment variable does not exist, the default value default_user_val will be used. For db-pass, its value will be read from the environment variable DB_PASS, if the variable is not set, the value of db-pass will be null.

Please note this feature only works in JBeret SE environment, because the processing logic is in the BatchSEEnvironment class. Because the JDBC and MongoDB repositories uses the db-user and db-pass variables to login, so it means this feature supports these two repositories currently.

For more details, you can check this issue:

It also contains related PRs and discussions in the above link.